We have updated to 1.5.2

May 12, 2013 in General

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Hey loves me again! Feel free to update your clients! We are updated to 1.5.2!


Server is down

May 12, 2013 in General

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Hey guys we currently have the server down so we can update it. Stay tuned for further info!!

Thank you for your patience!



May 2, 2013 in General

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Hey guys just a friendly reminder that while minecraft has released an update we will be waiting for bukkit and the rest of our core plugins to update before doing so. We appreciate your patience for these things!!! Thanks so much for making a2z the awesome server that it is!



MrsB or Mother Nature take your pick :D

New Project

April 29, 2013 in General

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Hey everybody, Im happy to announce the staff (and a few select others) are going to commence work on a new project in the A2Z City. It’s going to be called the A2Z Castle, and will be modeled after the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The castle is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. (Wikipedia)


The Tater Chip Machine

April 29, 2013 in General

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2013-04-29_16.54.29“The Tater Chip Machine” – Chuck_Mctuffy

Our very own Kreatos!

April 26, 2013 in Builds

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Hey guys its me…again…I wanted to share a video made by our very own kreatos!!!! SO here is the video go watch, like, and subscribe!!! Much love!!!



Server is back up

April 24, 2013 in General

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Hey y’all, just thought I would let you all know that the server is back up. Again myself and the admin apologize for the inconvenience of the down time! We appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you all for making a2z the wonderful community it is.

As always Happy Gaming!


Server is Down

April 24, 2013 in News

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Hello all. Just thought I would drop a quick note to inform all y’all as I am sure you are aware the server is down. Admin have put in a ticket with Allgamer our host people. Server has been down for about 9.5 hours as of right now. We will keep you updated as we get new info.

Thanks for your patience guys!!!


Due to an unforeseen circumstance the server will be down until tomorrow. Again thanks for your patience, we appreciate you all! Have a wonderful day!


The cussing rule

April 4, 2013 in General

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Since apparently no one thinks that the cussing rule applies to them I am changing things up a bit. From here on out if you cuss on the server you will be muted for 28 days. I dont care if you are a donator, op, helper, staff, old staff or what if you cuss the punishment will be the same. I have tried to be nice and mute for an hour or 2 and kicked and jailed but nothing is working. Maybe this will remind you all that the chat is a privilege not a right. This is me monitoring you since you cant remember that ALL the rules apply to EVERYONE. Thank you have a great day and happy gaming!


1.5 Update

March 12, 2013 in General

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Hi guys! Its me again. They FINALLY released a date for the 1.5 update. They are releasing 1.5 on March 13, 2013 since we already reset the wild the only thing this means is we will be resetting the Nether after the update. As always DO NOT update your client until the server updates. We have to wait for our main plugins to update before we will update. We will let you know here when we do update to 1.5!


Thanks guys! Happy Gaming!

Mother Nature

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